March 09, 2014

Wi-Fi T-Stat for a Wood Pellet Stove - Ecobee EB-Stat-02 Detail w/Install Pics


Do you want the best Wi-Fi Thermostat that easily connects to your wood pellet stove or any heating type of furnace?

Here is the new Ecobee EB-Stat-02 with free dowloadable app for your smart phone. :)

The install can be smooth if the install location is known and the wiring length is planned out.

This T-Stat is one of the very few that is not only 24 volt but also can be used on a Milli-Volt system with the optional AC adapter!

The Install outlined and pictured below was done on an Enviro Hampton GC-60 but will work on any pellet stove with a standard T-Stat hookup on the control panel. Most newer stoves with digital control panels will except this T-Stat. This T-Stat does have the short cycle delay needed to give the pellet stove time to turn on or off properly.

 Most newer models of the following stoves will work such as:

Enviro, Regency, Avalon, Lopi, Breckwell, Whitfield, Napoleon (NPS-45 or NPI-45), Hudson River, Magnum, US Stove, Pelpro, Glow Boy, Englander, Archgard, Osburn, Enerzone

 Install steps.
0. Turn off the stove or heating appliance and unplug it.

1. Choose the location and mount the control unit near an AC outlet if possible.
Use wall anchors or wood screws.
If you have the optional remote module, mount that into the control unit first.
Not too close to the stove but not too far away maybe ideal

2. Mount the Head at the normal height on the wall approx 5 feet off the floor.

3. Run 4 conductor solid jacketed wire from the control.
If using hide channel like I did mount that on the wall first.
I used 5 cond. T-Stat wire from Lowes

4. Connect female spade lugs on the regular 2 cond T-Stat wire and plug into stove.
Run wire to RH and W on the control box.

5. Plug control box into the wall.

6. Run the Install wizard on the T-Stat touch screen to choose your Wi-Fi router name and lock it in.

7. On your Iphone
Download and install the Ecobee Smart Stat app from the App store.
Don't forget your apple Appstore password. :)

8. Set stove to either Auto-On/Off or Auto-Hi/Low

Now you can either setup a daily program schedule for your stove or put the set temp on hold and change the set temperature up or down to what you desire from anywhere in the world.

Yes, it does have the short cycle delay for the pellet stove.
What I like is the button for the weather forecast and the optional remote module for additional sensors. Also what you see on the wall stat is also what you see on your smart phone!
1. Indoor sensor
2. Outdoor sensor
3. Humidity sensor
4. CO2 Sensor

Cool Stat for a pellet stove!

See pictures below.

Pic 1 - Control Unit with T-stat head

Pic 2 - Inside T-Stat head shows button battery for memory

Pic 3 - T-Stat head mounted on wall with wire hide channel

Pic 4 - T-Stat connection on stove with two female spade clips on wire

Pic 5 - T-Stat on wall shows current room temperature

Pic 6 - Multi-Fuel pellet stove with yellow arrows showing wire in hide channel

Pic 7 - T-Stat smart phone app on Iphone same display as wall unit.

Pic 8 - Control module mounted out of sight in lower corner on wall next to AC outlet.


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