September 20, 2013

Pellet Stove School is in Session


Pellet Stove School is in session and you can learn from the master. There is a certain amount of care the goes into maintaining a pellet stove, but it it's worth it. I don't just sell pellet stoves after all, I use one in my own home. I wouldn't sell something I wouldn't use myself. It heats my whole house and is much cheaper than oil.


Let me share my expertise. I love to talk pellet stoves. I just love it! I'll be your teacher and you'll get tips on parts replacing, how stoves work, news, and more!


Larry Denton said:

We have a Lopi Leyden PS as I understand it this would take a Exhaust convection blower 250-00588 for the exhaust and a PP7601 as the convection fan- or do I have this backwards ?


Becky said:

We having Englander pellet stove. when it seems to get to hot the top auger will stop dropping pellets for about five minutes until the fire is almost out and then the top auger will start dropping pellets again. why does it do that? the room cools down considerably when the fire is not going. Could it be our blower? we already changed the vacuum switches.


genaro lugo said:

I have a quadra fire cb-1200-i .The problem Im having is the stove runs fine for a while then it will over feed to the point to where the fire pot gets full all the way up to the drop piont where the pallets come out.the thermostate looke fine the feed dampner is not feeding to much.the igniter was replaced about to months ago could it be dirty that fast.


David said:

Where would I find out information on a older Country Flame pellet stove? I have the manual for my Pellet Stove 100 and it mentions a ash pan gasket but there is no gasket.


Cindy N. said:

Can you tell me what the auger trim button is for on my pellet stove?


mike said:

I have a Englander summers heat pellet stove how do I tell if combustion blower is operating full speed


Thomas said:

Have an Englander, Flawless operation for the last nine years other than replacing both auger motors for quieter ones. A week ago, the lower auger stopped after the stove was running most of the day. I checked the glass and door gaskets, kind of worn so I replaced them. It worked for a day. Bottom auger stopped again. I checked, repaired and re attached vacuum switch lines, started fine and ran for a half hour after hitting temp. Bottom auger stopped again. I replaced the motor with a spare I had. Worked for a half hour. Brought the first one out to my bench and tested it and it ran fine. Then I took off the exhaust fan housing, very clean inside. Then I connected the two leads from the vacuum switch together. Started it and as soon as it reached temp, bottom auger stopped again. Reconnected leads to vacuum switch. Near the end of my expertise. Just was in shut down mode and bottom auger started working. I banged on the vacuum switch a bit prior to reconnection. Thoughts?

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